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Randy Mosteller

Randy Mosteller

Executive Pastor

If you’d told me I would be the Executive Pastor for a church, I would’ve laughed. My background for the past 20 + years had been management and operations for nonprofit organizations. I’ve done everything from financial management to personnel, strategic planning to fundraising and everything in-between. After losing my job in October of 2009, I approached Scott and asked how I could help Community. I wanted a positive way to use my skills, abilities and experiences, while I waited to see what God had in store for me. At first, I took care of the basic bookkeeping and day-to-day financials. The longer I was there, the more Scott asked me to do. Next thing I knew, it seemed I was at Community full-time. I continued sending out resumes and applications on a daily and weekly basis, while asking God to open the right door. No doors opened, except the one at Community. It kept opening wider and wider, and God kept providing. Scott and the Elders offered the opportunity to come on the Community Staff full-time, as the Executive Pastor on January 1, 2012.

My wife, Shelli and I, along with our kids, Logan and Audrey have called Community Christian Church home since October 2000. While here at Community, we have served in many different areas. It seems wherever Shelli and I have served, we have been blessed and left our mark.