Safety & Security

One of our  values is that CCC be a safe place for your child:  spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We are committed to providing that safe environment for your child. Each of our classroom volunteers goes through a screening process, which includes a background check.

When children are checked in, each child receives a unique security tag and parents receive a parent tag. This is for safety reasons. Only you can get into your child's area and only you can pick-up your child. You will show the parent tag to the volunteer of your child's room and it will be matched to your child's security tag before your child will be released to you. If your child should need you at any time during service we will let you know. Your child's unique security tag number will be posted on the bottom of the screens in the Sanctuary or, if you are in a small group, a member of our ministry team will come get you.

Security Tags

For security, ten minutes after service begins doors leading into the children's classroom areas will be locked and will remain locked till service concludes. We also have a member of our ministry team monitoring activity in the vicinity of the classrooms and our CCC security team monitors activity throughout each location .