Where Do I Take My Kids?

New to Community?

If it's your first time here or you are just visiting with us, we would love to have your child check out the programming we offer for their specific age group. 

10:30 am  Fairfield Twp

Children Birth-Kindergarten will be in the Main Building (front) just across the lobby from the Sanctuary. Children will enjoy fun, interactive, age-appropriate activities in each of their age-specific classrooms. Children can be checked in at the Check-In alcove in the hallway to the lobby's left side. If this is your first time at Community, one of our volunteers will take family information for our database for safety and security reasons. You can let us know if your child has any allergies or special needs that we should be aware of. Your child will receive a security tag unique to your child, and parents will receive the parent tag. This is for safety reasons. Only you can get into your child's area, and only you can pick up your child. Our volunteers will walk your family to the age-appropriate learning space.  Children birth through 2 years will be in The Ark hallway on the right just past the Check-In alcove. Children 3 years through Kindergarten will be in the Kids Zone hallway on the left just past the Check-In alcove.

Children 1st-5th grade will be in the Com (back building) in a secured hallway on the building's left side. Children can be checked in at a check-in station in the lobby of the Com or the check-in alcove in the Main building.

Students 6th-12th grade will also be in the Com. They will start in the gym for games (and worship at 10:30) and go from there to their classrooms for teaching and small groups. 

If you have questions about our check-in or security, you can go here.