Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) students have a place to call their own. Students are challenged and encouraged through relevant teaching and fun events. Opportunities are provided for them to grow as they connect with God and with each other.


Our goal with the name "Odyssey" is to provide something that is unique and that casts direction for the ministry. The name provokes thoughts on what ministry should be -- going out and serving others, living while relying on God AND using your own talents for him, loving Him first, and others as ourselves.

Our name helps give our students space to make the name, and the ministry, their own -- giving them control over what the name means and how that is represented (logo, culture, etc.) is vital to showing them what it means to be a contributing part of God's Kingdom as they transition into becoming adults.

We also want to provide a common thread throughout our Middle School and High School ministries. While they are separate, it is be crucial for them to know they are in it together, and it sets them up for success as they progress through life.


During Middle School we know that life can be overwhelming and difficult due to new school environments, competitive sports, and all kinds of new things happening to them.  We know that their thinking revolves around who they are, trying to find their purpose in life, and just trying to fit in. Their main question is, "Do you like me?"

We understand that Middle Schoolers need to be encouraged and supported and we need to help them see how special they are and that they are always accepted into God's family.  We hope to meet them wherever they are in life, and help challenge them to grow in their journey with God during our Sunday and Wednesday classes, serving opportunities, fun events like snow tubing and canoeing, life changing retreats like Journey and Believe, as well as week long camps like Elevate 58.  Our goal is to build relationships to help them not only navigate through life, but help them strengthen their relationship with God.


SUNDAYS 10:30am-11:30am

WEDNESDAY 6:30pm-8:00pm

Our High School and Middle School groups have the  same meeting times. On Sunday mornings, we all worship and learn together and there is free time before and after service for them to hang out. On Wednesday evenings, we split off into High School and Middle School groups for intentional small group time.
Student Pastor,  Shellee Alcorn:
Student Pastor,  Curtis McCollough :


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